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纳智杰 (Freddie Navas)

Founder/CEO/Executive Producer

Freddie Navas is the founder of  Families Entertainment, LLC and he is the Executive Producer of the company. Navas born in Rio Piedras (San Juan), Puerto Rico, and currently resides in Hollywood-Los Angeles, CA., and Qingdao, Shandong Province, P.R. China.

Freddie Navas an Multi-Talented, Creative, Hard-Working, Energetic and Teamwork Leader; Producer, Director, Actor, Writer, Editor, Host, Composer, Multi-Percussionist, Musical Director & Arranger, Dancer, Recording Audio Engineer, Ethno-Musicologist, Consultant, and Educator.

Freddie Navas graduated in Cinema-TV and Theater  (Producing, Directing, Acting and Screen-writing) and Business Studies from Los Angeles City College in 2015. In addition in 2018, Freddie Navas studied Entertainment Law & Business at West Los Angeles College with one of the best Entertainment Lawyers in Los Angeles, and also an Entertainment Law & Business Professor, Deanna Newell. Navas served for 21 years as a percussionist in the Army National Guard Bands in the states of Puerto Rico, New York, Florida and Louisiana in the United States. In addition, Navas studied Music Education and Music Business at the following Colleges and Universities; New York State University, Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Valencia Community College, Florida State University, Saint Petersburg College, Santa Ana College and Fullerton College.

Freddie Navas has worked with Tito Puente (The King of Latin Music), Tito Puente Jr., Celia Cruz (The Queen of Latin Music), Marcos Witt (Pastor & #1 Latin Christian Music Singer/Songwriter), Coalo Zamorano, Joel Osteen/Lakewood Church Ministries, Kerry Shook/Woodlands Church Ministries, Jim Caviezel, Isidro Infante, Juan Gabriel, Tito Allen, Orestes Vilato & Los Kimbos, Pupi Legarreta, Giovanni Hidalgo, Batacumbele (Famous Latin-America Band of Puerto Rico), Noche De Gala Show (Telemundo TV PR), Salsa Sabado En La Noche Show (Telemundo TV PR), De Todo Un Poco Show (New Orleans TV Channel 3), and with other well-know artists and entertainment business leaders.

In addition an Entertainer Producer/Recording Artist Business Leader Member at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (Hollywood Walk of Fame/Hollywood Sign's Headquarters), Saddleback Church International Purpose Driven Life/Church Small Groups Community Leader with Rick Warren Ministry in Los Angeles, CA and Lakewood Church International Live TV Worship Orchestra Percussionist with Marcos Witt and Joel Osteen ministries in Houston, TX.

The mission of Families Entertainment, LLC during its business and educational entertainment productions projects is to train, equip, empower, competent, creative and successful entertainer leaders in the entertainment industry.



Our Recent Work

 A Tito Puente's Brief Career Documentary (2014)

A Short-Film By Freddie Navas

A Brief Documentary Film About Tito Puente's

Career History.

It's an Educational College Film Project and Final College Report for the Cinema Production Training

at Los Angeles City College's Cinema-TV  Department

in Hollywood.

It's a short film that will mentoring other filmmakers students to continue their goals as a Film Education Productions, Acting Education, Dance Education, Music Education, Directing Education and Educators Education Productions.

Special Thanks To The Resources Of:

Tito Puente Jr  for gave us permission to use his father

Tito Puente's Biography and Pictures

Hudson Music (Video/Narrative Voice Clips)

La Palabra Orquesta (Tito Puente's Timbales Solo Studio Recording)


Written, Directed, Edited, Hosted, Produced

By Freddie Navas

Kimberly Harris - Camerawoman, AD

And Screenplay Assistant

Filmed on 12/5/14


Kimberly Harris Films Studios

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

© 2020 All Copyrights Reserved

My Bongos (2014)

A Short-Film By Freddie Navas

Story - While demonstrating his percussion show to his fans suddenly a bandit steals his Bongos, and during a chase for recovering his Bongos suddenly at the end the bandit repents, surrenders and returns the Bongos to the percussionist and everyone ended happy and in lovely friendship.

It's a fun and comic short-film

Directed/Edited/Music Arranger/Lead Actor/Written/Produced By

Freddie Navas


Silvia Maravilla

Opel "Cleopatra" Patricia

Wesley Robey


Kimberly Harris Films - Camerawoman/AD

Filmed on 10/31/14


Los Angles City College

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

© 2020 All copyrights Reserved

"Freddie Navas & The ​Hollywood Latin Jazz Quintet

& The Hollywood Classical & Jazz Duet"

Event - "The Heroes of Hollywood Awards 2018"

At The Taglyan Cultural Complex

1201 Vine Street

Hollywood, CA 90038

Thursday May 31, 2018

Event Music-Entertainment Coordinator - Freddie Navas

The Musical Quintet & Duet Its Producer - Freddie Navas

The musical groups its photos at China Lee Restaurant in Hollywood

To Learn more about this event

go to the "Heroes of Hollywood Committee's Awards 2018" Event at


© 2020 All Copyrights Reserved

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Upcoming Music, Dance & Films Productions

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Families Entertainment Productions Presents





Coming Soon From China in September 2020

For the first time in the history of music a production of Latin Orchestra, Latin Dance and Latin Percussion Ensembles with only excellent Chinese artists will be performing this Latin genre soon worldwide.

Families Entertainment and its executive producer Freddie Navas (納智傑) will be operating from Qingdao in China, starting in September 2020. The Qingdao Latin Performing Arts & Films" training center will be producing; Latin Orchestra, Latin Dance and Latin Percussion training. This is a businesses, educational and friendship program created by Families Entertainment, LLC.

"Qingdao (青岛; 青島; TsīngTǎo) translates to "Green Island," and while it is not entirely surrounded by the ocean, it is an island of relaxed living bathed in fresh sea breezes where everyone from around the world still come to play."

"Uniting the cultures of our countries for a successful and healthy community"

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